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Drywall is an essential component in any home or commercial building as it provides a smooth and durable surface for painting or wallpapering. Many property owners are fooled by the reasonably straightforward process and attempt to do installations and repair works on their own with the help of online instructions. However, drywall service requires specific skills, experience, and tools to ensure long-lasting results. Conveniently based in Columbus, OH, we at Rey Home Improvement LLC are readily available to assist you with your drywall needs, offering a wide variety of services.

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Our Services

Drywall Installation

Drywall Installation

Drywall installation service is a complex and challenging undertaking that requires a high level of expertise and experience that can only be acquired through years of working in the drywall industry. A potential DIY drywall project involves the likelihood of making numerous mistakes, the possibility of getting injured, and the increased time taken to achieve the desired results, especially if you lack skills and knowledge. Save yourself precious time and guarantee outstanding results by hiring a drywall specialist.
Drywall Repair Work

Drywall Repair Work

Whether you’re moving around furniture, hanging up new artwork, or having an improvised dance battle, your drywall can sustain damage. Unaddressed drywall damage can cause disastrous problems in the future, costing a fortune to solve. Do yourself a favor and contact a reliable drywall repair contractor to perform prompt and efficient service and save you money in the long run.
Drywall Finishing

Drywall Finishing

By opting for a drywall specialist for your drywall finishing, you will get sturdy and long-lasting results. There will be no need to source and purchase the drywall tools and learn how to properly use them. You will not only save precious time and money but also help gain peace of mind, knowing that you will have seamlessly looking walls.
Drywall Texturing

Drywall Texturing

A textured drywall or ceiling adds dimension to a room and prevents the space from looking homogenous. A professional drywall texturing service is a wonderful opportunity to create a unique look and make the space more interesting and fun. Furthermore, textured drywall can act as a camouflage, hiding imperfections in the finishing.


Professional framing is one of the most important aspects when building a new property. Your property requires a strong ‘skeleton’ for support and stability. Hiring an expert to perform a professional framing service is essential to ensure your property will withstand the weather conditions and make sure it is safe for your family or employees.
Exterior Repair

Exterior Repair

Exterior surfaces protect your property from severe weather conditions and other extreme elements. Opting for exterior repairs will have a dramatic impact on the appearance of the property and a truly transformative effect. A prompt service provided by a professional will increase the property’s value and improve its energy efficiency.
General Cleaning

General Cleaning

Opting for the help of a specialist for general cleaning work ensures your space is always well-organized and sanitized. Being careful and thoughtful of your surfaces and hiring professionals to take proper care of them will help protect your property from damage and make it more inviting. Cleaning is not the place to cut corners and risk the integrity of your property.


Professional construction services are of utmost importance to build sturdy structures and valuable assets – our properties. By entrusting the work of an expert builder, you reduce the chance of damage to your property’s interior and exterior. Avoid mishaps and fines by the municipality because the construction work does not meet the local regulations. Have our builders exceed your expectations!

The Benefits

With the expertise and experience of a professional drywall contractor, you can rest assured they will make accurate measurements for your drywall repair and installation services. With the help of a professional, you don’t have to stress over the outcome of the project or the right tools and proper skills. All you need to do is find a reliable drywall company to do the job for you.

How We Do It

Through the years, our dedicated team of specialists has perfectly mastered a wide range of drywall services. We are well-rounded in the techniques to achieve a guaranteed finish and exceptional results. As we are committed to providing outstanding services, we are using the highest possible quality of tools and equipment.

Now that you are got acquainted with the services we offer, perhaps you are asking yourself if we provide them in your area. You can take advantage of our services if you are anywhere near the following:

  • Minerva Park, OH
  • Bexley, OH
  • Powell, OH
  • Grandview Heights, OH
  • Worthington, OH

Are you looking for a professional drywall ceiling repair in Columbus, OH? Rey Home Improvement LLC is here to assist you with your drywall needs and provide you with smooth and efficient services with guaranteed high-quality results!

Client Testimonials

by Larry Holt on Rey Home Improvement LLC
Great Job!!!

Reynaldo was very professional! He completed the job in the time that was quoted. His work was great and he did great drywall work, wallpaper removal, and painting at a very reasonable price. I will use him again! You will not be disappointed and he is very prompt and timely.

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