A Professional Drywall Service Gives Tips on Preventing Drywall Damage

How to Prevent Drywall Damage

Drywall has a lot of benefits as a building material. It is affordable, portable, simple to handle, and quick to install. The fact that drywall is somewhat sensitive and prone to damage, however, is a significant drawback. A drywall service can repair or replace the drywall as needed, but it is better to avoid any issues in the first place.

Here are some pointers for preventing damage to your drywall:

Address Water Damage Immediately

The number-one most destructive drywall threat is water. A porous substance with the capacity to absorb water is drywall. Drywall that has experienced water damage may swell, turn discolored, and eventually crumble. Additionally, if it penetrates deeply into the pores, it can encourage the growth of mold, which is impossible to remove.

Repair Nail Pops Correctly

Nails or screws are used to fasten drywall panels to studs. These can occasionally appear out of place as the house settles. Popped nails protrude just a little from the drywall surface; they typically do not pierce the paint finish, and you might not even notice them unless you are paying close attention.

Use Door Stoppers

The drywall might not be harmed when a door swings open and strikes a wall for the first time. But, with time, damage may result from the doorknob repeatedly striking the same spot on the wall. Additionally, the wall might be breached with one powerful strike.

Installing door stoppers is a simple way to stop this kind of drywall damage, fortunately. There are a few distinct types, such as a backing plate that adheres to the wall at the doorknob level or tightly wound springs with rubber tips that protrude from the baseboards of the walls.

Do Not Put Furniture Too Close to the Wall

Placing the furniture close to the wall might make the space appear larger, but it also increases the likelihood of drywall damage such as dings, holes, and scratches. Similar to how doors provide a risk of damaging drywall, furniture can cause damage with a single massive hit or a series of smaller ones over time. There is no requirement for much room; even an inch can do.

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