Drywall Ceiling Repair: Outlined the Most Common Causes of Drywall Damage

Most Common Causes of Drywall Damage

You won’t be able to maintain the walls of your house spotless for the duration of your stay, no matter how hard you try. Whatever the cause—a stray chair leg during move-in, a boisterous bunch of children, or an even rowdier gathering of adults—damage happens. Accidents are bound to occur, even with the hawk’s vigilance, and you’ll eventually need to have your drywall painted or repaired. To help you leave the hazardous area, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for the worst. The following are the most frequent causes for calling the experts in for drywall repair work from drywall ceiling repair services:

Water Damage

Between the summer thunderstorms and the year-round humidity, it’s simple for water to creep in through any cracks and damage your drywall. Water moves swiftly and can leave behind major damage, including mold in the foundation of your home, making this a particularly difficult problem to tackle.

Ceiling Cracks

For a variety of causes, many homeowners frequently experience ceiling cracks. There isn’t much you can do to be ready for these annoyances, but you can be sure to report any ceiling cracks as soon as you see them to help save additional harm. If ceiling cracks are left untreated, they frequently enlarge.

Nail Pops

As heat levels rise and fall, your home may expand or contract depending on the components that make it up. The significant issue with this is when homeowners try to hammer the nails back in place, resulting in more damage. This movement can cause the nails to pop up through your drywall and leave little holes. This one is frequently erroneously thought to be a DIY fix.

Furniture Scuffs

Furniture can pose a serious threat to drywall in any room, whether you accidently pushed your couch too far up against the wall or ran into a corner when rearrangeing your space. You can add protective covers to the corners and space of any piece of furniture to help lessen the likelihood of this happening.

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